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We are delighted to announce that £5,544 was raised at the UK Private Business Awards 2015 in support of Magic Bus, a mentoring organisation working with children and young people living in marginalised communities. 



Magic Bus is a mentoring organisation working with children and young people living in marginalised communities in India and the UK.

Their India programme has been running since 1999 reaching 280,000 children through sessions delivered by 8,000 Community Youth Leaders. These sessions use sporting activities to deliver key messages around education, gender, health and livelihood and give children and young people the skills and confidence they need to move out of poverty. The impact of the programme is clear with 98% of adolescent Magic Bus girls in school compared to a national average of 46%.

In line with their global vision, in January 2015 Magic Bus UK launched two pilot programmes in the London Borough of Lambeth. The first programme is working with 300 children aged 7–11 in two primary schools and the second with a group of teenage girls in a local community centre. These programmes impact on a range of development outcomes including social-emotional skills, peer relationships, positive choices and resilience for children and young people.

Magic Bus is delighted to have been selected as the charity partner of the Private Business Awards 2015 and would like to extend their thanks to Ruby Parmar at PwC and Ford Sinclair for their support and to congratulate all the nominees and award winners. 



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